The Most Popular and Liked Horse breed in the World

horses are the most expensive animals in the world, those who have a hobby of riding horses are usually from the rich, they are willing to spend a lot of money to own their favorite horse.

Indeed, not all types of horses are valued at high prices, but in the world there are several types of horses that are most popular and favored by those who like riding at fantastic selling prices.

Only people, of course, can afford this expensive animal.

Here are the most popular horse types that are the target of horse enthusiasts.

most popular horse breed

The Most Popular and Liked Horse breed in the World

  • Thoroughbred – this type of horse that is strong and muscular is indeed very suitable to be a collection of the world’s rich people to pass on their hobby in horse riding. Characteristically, the lower part of the horse’s legs are white like wearing socks and in general, this horse that is most often found is gray, black and brown. From several sources, the Thoroughbred horse is currently the most popular type of racing horse in the North American region.

The Most Popular and Liked Horse breed in the World

  • Morgan – according to its very cool name, this horse has a handsome, elegant and mysterious look with its signature shiny black color, giving it a very fierce appearance. A type of horse with multi talent that can be trained according to the owner’s wishes, such as show jumping, horse riding and racehorse. A fierce appearance and a very fast and lively running performance, this horse was previously used by cavalry in military agencies.

Horse Preferred

Arabian horse

* Arabian horse – this horse originating from the Arabian Peninsula is certainly very well known for its strong stamina in its running performance, so no wonder this type of horse is commonly used for betting on horse racing, international competitions and so on. even various bettor groups from casinos and judi slot online claim to often place bets on this Arabian horse because it provides a greater chance of winning compared to other types of horses. This Arabian horse breed is also known for its sensitivity and intelligence so that it can understand the cues given by its rider.

American quarter horse

* American quarter horse – race horse which is famous for its running speed makes everyone familiar with this type of horse, as reported by several sources, it is recorded that this horse can run at a speed of 58 miles / hour or 89.6 km / hour. This horse is also known for its strength which is where this horse is also usually used for work.

On this occasion, we will only review some popular horse types that are liked throughout the world, and of course there are still very many popular horse types that are loved around the world, which we will review in the next article.