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Gift for the Horses

Make a Donation

Whether you have donated or adopted a horse or simply want to better the lives of the long-term residents of the farm, please consider a monetary gift. You may request that your donation be directed to a certain horse or for a certain purpose. As a unique gift idea, you may also make a donation in someone else’s name. To help the horses with your tax-deductible gift of financial support, just click below to access a secure server:



You can also also make donations by clicking below:

Network for Good

Please consider gifts of hay, grain, dewormers, weight builders, blankets, coolers, halters, lead ropes, treats, and any other supplies. Contact us to make these donations.

If you are unable to adopt at the present time, you can make a enormous difference in the life of a horse through sponsorship. Whether you make a regular donation or sponsor a horse, you can rest assured that your monetary gift, large or small, is being used exclusively for the horses because ASAP is a non-profit organization operated by volunteers.

If you have donated a horses or plan to donate a horse to the program, an excellent way to make a difference is to provide hauling at your expense–or to ship your horse to Balmoral Park or the state fairgrounds in Springfield, IL to expediate their pickup. Although not necessary, money saved on hauling can be put to other purposes.

Become a Volunteer

We’re happy you would like to volunteer your time, efforts or facilities for the good of ASAP horses. The program depends on people like you!

To better coordinate and recognize the efforts of our many wonderful volunteers, we request that you complete the a “VIP form” to express your interest. When volunteer opportunities arise that fit your profile, we will use the information below to contact you. If you are already involved as a volunteer, your profile is much needed for ASAP records. Here are some of the many ways you can help out:

Grant Writing: If you have grant writing experience or would like to gain such experience, why not help a good, horse-related cause?

Creative Fundraising: If you have fundraising ideas and/or the time and energy to make things happen, please let us know! A potluck dinner, a golf tournament, a charity auction. We are only limited by what we can imagine!

Promotion and Publicity: Spread the word about the horses needing homes. If you have adopted or spent time with a Standardbred or other horse from ASAP, why not brag a little? Share ASAP with your horse-loving friends. Draft press releases, ad copy, explore new promotional possibilities! If you work with the public or in the media or journalism business, you can help, too. Please let us know if you can put in a kind word or two. You might also consider volunteering time at horse fairs, shows, and clinics.

Foster Care: ASAP works hard to serve as many horses as possible — but the farm can only hold so many! If you have the facilities to share with an ASAP horse or two, read more here.

Help at the Farm: If you have some horse training knowledge and experience, why not help some retired racehorses make the transition? Help with grooming, feeding, and loving. Have some extra time to donate? We know some horses who would love the attention!

Vet and Farrier Assistance: Whether you have some extra samples sitting around or just would like to donate medical supplies, ASAP horses would neigh their thanks for your generosity. Regular medical and hoof care is an ongoing need of all horses — ASAP horses are no exception! Donating an hour of your time once and awhile can really help offset expenses at the farm!

Day Camps: Youth at risk and youth with special needs could use a helping hand with their horsemanship skills. Contact us to find out when the next day camp will take place and how you can help out.

Use Good Search and iGive

What if ASAP earned a penny every time you searched the Internet or shopped online? Well, now we can! is a new search engine that donates half its revenue, about a penny per search, to the charities its users designate. You use it just as you would any search engine, and it’s powered by Yahoo!, so you get great results. is a new online shopping mall which donates a percentage of each purchase to your favorite cause. More than 100 great stores including The Gap, Best Buy and Barnes and Nobel have teamed up with GoodSearch and every time you place an order, you’ll be supporting your favorite cause. Just go to and be sure to enter American Standardbred Adoption Program as the charity you want to support or click on the logo below.

GoodSearch: You Search…We Give!

You can also shop with iGive and help the American Standardbred Adoption Program.


Thank you so much!!