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The 4 most expensive horses in the world

The 4 most expensive horses in the world

4 World’s Most Expensive Horse – a horse with an unquestioned speed of run.
Not just talking about speed in the race, various historical values ​​also take part in making a horse with a fantastic price.
On this occasion the admin will present the most expensive horse article in the world that we have prepared in the following.

1 Fusaichi Pegasus ($ 70 Million)

The 4 most expensive horses in the world

Fusaichi Pegasus is the most expensive horse in the world with a selling price of $ 70 Million.
This horse was recorded at the World Record at the most fantastic price.
history of a long horse journey, as noted as having participated in several world class horse racing competitions, often winning world class titles, each horse race is sure to be champions, even the total prize pool collected from racing champions reaches US $ 1,990,000.
no wonder this horse gets the highest bid in the history of horse sales.

2 Shareef Dancer ($ 40 Million)

The 4 most expensive horses in the world - Shareef Dancer ($ 40 Million)

Shareef Dancer is the second most expensive horse in the world with a price of $ 40 Million.
Shareef Dancer as a race horse with good performance, where this horse has participated in 5 world class competitions and managed to collect a total prize of $ 246,885.
Shareef Dancer was very impressed in the world of horse racing tv shows at the time and made entrepreneurs from Dubai and his group to decide to buy it.
in 1983 Shareef Dancer was officially bought at a price of $ 40 Million and recorded the Record with the second most expensive horse in the world after Fusaichi Pegasus.


3 Totilas ($ 21 Million)

The 4 most expensive horses in the world - Totilas ($ 21 Million)

Totilas is listed as one of the most expensive horses in the world with a selling price of $ 21 Million.
This horse is the biggest riding horse in the competition, where he set a record by winning more than 90 points and also won the Dressage World Championship in 2010.
in 2011 Totilas was bought by a German entrepreneur for $ 21 Million.

4 The Green Monkey ($ 16 Million)

The 4 most expensive horses in the world - The Green Monkey ($ 16 Million)

The Green Monkey began his career on September 10, 2007.
same as the expensive horse above, The Green Monkey also includes a great horse that often wins horse racing competitions in its class.
recorded a record three times winning the race the total results collected by The Green Monkey approximately $ 10,330.
breeds of Northern Dancer breeds were sold at auction at a price of $ 16 Million.

that’s the information horse with the most expensive price in the world in record sales at fantastic prices.…

horse history

horse history

horse history

horse history

horse history – horse is one of the pets that is very important for human life in his day.
Before entering the modern era like now, where now everyone in the world is very easy to buy motor vehicles, cars and so on, but it is not the same thing as horse animals.
Before the era of development, the important role of this horse is very helpful for human economics for various purposes.
As ridden by humans by using saddles for the purposes of traveling far or near.
horses are also very often used to attract a type of two-wheeled wagon which is usually to carry a variety of human needs, even in some areas horse meat is used as a food source.


several types of horses

Horses are also available in several sizes including lightweight horses such as the Arabian horse, Morgan, Quarter Horse, Paint and Thoroughbred. The weight range of this horse is usually between 550 kg to 600 kg.
Types of horse weight or type of horse to pull the load include: Clydesdale, Draft, Percheron, and Shire the weight range of this type of horse is usually between 830 kg to 920 kg.
As the times evolve over the years these horse animals are increasingly rare and very difficult to find even the price is getting more expensive.
Like some Lusiano horses, warmblood, thoroughbred and so on are horses with very high prices.
Even the price of horses will be more expensive if you have a good history, for example, often win horse racing competitions, usually the price will be many times the standard price.
no wonder horses today are animals for those with economic class and above who are happy with horse riding and so on.
For some people will think this is a crazy thing in buying a horse at a very expensive price, it can even be said that the price of an Arabian horse is as expensive as a luxury car or an elite house.
For those who like hobbies and understand in this field certainly have a different perspective, of course the historical value of the horse that really cannot be underestimated.…

horse history

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Do you believe in second chances?

Do you believe in second chances?
Do you believe in second chances?

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